Tuesday, May 1, 2012

7 Tips for Funding Your STEM Education Effort

Do you have a great idea for teaching environmental education in your school or institution? This blog post explains seven tips for funding STEM education:

1. Know your capabilities.
2. Articulate your vision.
3. Demonstrate memorable outcomes.
4. Contribute to the body of knowledge.
5. Understand your funder.
6. Seek out partnerships.
7. Develop a search habit.

The best piece of advice that I saw? Engage in the daily grind. Seekers of funds need to develop a daily or weekly habit of searching for resources. Some funding windows open and close quickly, leaving little time to prepare a proposal for the administrator checking resources only monthly. Also, some applications are rejected for lack of funds not for lack of quality -- don't be caught at the back of the line when funding is available.

Share your wisdom in the comments -- are there any other tips or tricks for securing funding that you've found work for you or your organization?

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